Woodlands Vets’ response to COVID-19

Updated 1st August 2021

Despite Covid 19 restrictions being lifted we would like to inform you that for now our operating procedures will stay as they are currently. 

We would politely request that all clients continue to wear a mask when entering the practice (unless exempt) and that they continue to social distance where possible.  This is for their own safety and also for the safety of our staff, to ensure that we will be able to continue providing you with a full range of services. 

These measures will continue until the rules concerning isolation are such that they will not affect the service we provide.

For any pet requiring repeat medication or food  we ask that you contact the surgery either by phone or at enquiries@woodlands-vets.co.uk and provide us with your details, pet’s name, name of medication and amount of medication/food required. 

Where possible, advice will be provided via telephone. Please call us for more information. If a telephone consultation with a vet is needed this will be charged at £30. This fee will be waived if the vet decides your pet needs to come in to the practice for an in-person consultation.

The practice continues to operate with a reduced number of staff, so your patience and understanding will be greatly appreciated.

Clients with pets who require emergency veterinary care, who have been exposed to COVID-19, or had close contact with someone who has, or are experiencing symptoms, please call us on 01242 255133. We will advise you on how your pets can receive the care they need.


Will there be any changes to opening hours?
We will be open between 8am and 7pm on weekdays and from 9am to 12pm on Saturdays. We will not be opening on Sundays until further notice.

My pet is due a booster, do I need to come in?
We are happy to delay boosters for 3 months and may consider longer delays depending on your pet’s circumstances and the public health situation as it evolves.

I have a puppy/kitten who needs their first or second vaccination, do I need to come in?
We will still be providing first and second vaccinations for puppies and kittens.

My pet is on the TLC scheme, can I come in for their routine quarterly health checks with the nurse?
Unfortunately we will not be able to offer our TLC healthchecks or routine procedures such as nail clipping. This is to reduce footfall and protect both our staff and clients, enabling us to continue providing care for poorly pets.

My pet is on long term medication, do I need to come in?
Providing your pet is happy and well at home we will be happy to delay most repeat prescription ‘check-up’ appointments until further notice. Please phone in to the practice and if necessary, a vet may speak to you before dispensing further medication for collection.

I am an in self isolation/suspect I may have COVID-19/am in close contact with someone suspected of having COVID-19, how will Woodlands look after my pet?
We are happy to post most types of medication to you for a small fee (though we cannot guarantee the postal service). If your pet is ill then please phone the surgery for further guidance. A vet may be able to give advice via a telephone consultation or may decide that your pet needs to be seen at the practice. We will endeavour to provide home visits to collect your pet if necessary.

My pet has an intermittent problem, can I have some medication just in case this flares up?
Unfortunately we will not be able to provide medications in these circumstances as we may encounter stock shortages over the coming period and must try to ensure we can provide for pets who need it. If your pet has a flare up of their condition then call us and we will provide treatment as necessary.


Further advice

For more helpful advice from the Canine and Feline Sector Group and it’s partners please click here to visit their website.

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