Birds & Exotics


A great number of people now own exotic species as pets. Fortunately a lot of veterinary information now exists and successfully treating these animals is no longer uncommon. Most illnesses are secondary to inappropriate husbandry. Information on how best to house and feed these animals is now readily available and prospective owners are encouraged to do a lot of research before they obtain their pet.

Here at Woodlands we have developed a reputation for having the knowledge and providing a good first opinion service for treating birds and reptiles. Most days we would expect to see either a hawk, parrot, chicken, snake, tortoise or lizard in the waiting area!

Veterinary services offered for birds and exotics

Services and advice we offer include:

  • Vet Carolize Compton sees first opinion medicine
  • Diagnostic microscopy
  • Fully Digital radiography
  • Ultrasound scanning
  • Orthopaedics and soft tissue surgery
  • Rigid endoscopy
  • Full operating facilities
  • Parasite treatment
  • Referrals
  • Behaviour advice
  • Beak and nail trimming for birds

Additional items

In addition to our services you can find the following at our practices:

  • Accessories (e.g. collars, scratching posts)
  • Toys
  • Insurance

We are proud supporters of the Brockworth Hedgehog Rescue Centre.

We wanted to personally thank you for the exceptional level of care, kindness, honesty and compassion you have shown to us and ‘Roxy’ over the years.

Nina, Jon & Max Murgatroyd

Opening Hours

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Saturday & Sunday

Out of hours

call 01242 255133

you will be transferred to a dedicated veterinary emergency clinic

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